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I’ve battled painful and uncomfortable bloating my entire life. I've tried everything to try and alleviate my bloating...

  • I changed my diet
  • I tried FODMAP
  • I tried the pills, the powders and the products
  • I went to multiple doctors

...Nothing helped. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I partnered with a nutritionist to build out a program that would alleviate bloating, fast and naturally.

The result is the 7 Day Debloat Program, which I use it religiously to get rid of my bloat. Best of all, it's the perfect way to kick start weight loss and get rid of cravings.

The picture on the left is me after I got back from a 2 week vacation in Italy. The picture on the right is after completing the 7 Day Debloat Program, right before my best friend's wedding. The 7 Day Debloat is my secret weapon to feeling (and looking) my best.

How it works

  • 01

    Intermitent Fasting

    A powerful way to let your body reset into it's natural rhythm. We provide a daily schedule for periods of fasting and windows for consumption.

  • 02

    Nutritious Smoothie Plan

    Daily smoothie recipes featuring nutrient rich fruits and vegetables to provide your body with energy and sustenance.

  • 03

    Low Calorie Meal Plan

    A complete grocery list of healthy foods to consume during the 7 days. These recipes are low calorie, healthy and incredibly delicious!

  • 04

    Daily Sweat Workouts

    Complete your daily sweat check with at home workouts led by Cindy. A fun way to feel good while burning extra calories.

The 7 Day Debloat Program has helped THOUSANDS of women beat the bloat, naturally and effectively.

What's included?

Daily schedules to keep you on track

Each day comes with an itinerary broken down by the hour, giving you everything you need to attack each day with a strong mind.

Nutritious (but so delicious) recipes

The key to reducing bloat is stripping down your diet to low calorie, nutrient dense foods. Each day comes with a delicious lunch smoothie and dinner recipe that will satisfy your hunger, but not trigger bloating.

HIIT Workouts with Cindy

Workouts are a great way to chip away at your bloating. Cindy leads you through her at home workout series that is guaranteed to make you sweat out those calories.

Read the testimonials of countless women who no longer struggle with bloating.

7 Day Debloat


The 7 Day Debloat Program is delivered directly to your email after purchase. Inside you will find an hour by hour guide for food intake, fasting windows and HIIT cardio. One time purchase gets you lifetime access to the program, to use whenever your body needs it.

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